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About Lake County Taekwondo

Lake County Taekwondo has been teaching students the art of Taekwondo since August 15, 2016. Taekwondo gives you the tool to be confident, respectful, and disciplined. It is this self-awareness that allows you to make the best decisions in stressful situations, and to defend yourself when needed. We promote inner advancement above outward appearance.

Master Fabian has been learning and teaching the techinquices of taekwondo for almost 15 years. During this time he has earned the 4th  Dan Degree Certification by KUKKIWON on April 28th, 2020. As well as competing in multiple competitions himself locally, and nationally! Master Fabian's goal for every one of his students is to give them confidence, respect, and discipline whether its while competing or in everyday life. 


School Rules for Students

At Lake County Taekwondo, rules and conduct are important.

1. You must bow to the flags before entering the Dojang. 

2. When you see your Master, you must bow down to him

3. You must always respect Master when asking or answering questions 

4. When fixing your uniform or belt, do not face the Master, Instructor or senior belts. 

5. Respect all your senior belts and bow when asking a question

6. If late or going to be absent, call the Dojang.

7. Never leave class, without permission of the instructor,

8. No horseplay, whistling, or loud talking in the Dojang. 

9. No chewing gum when in the Dojang. 

10. No jewelry, socks, or shoes during class. 

11. No profanity will be used in class. 

12. No smoking in the Dojang at any time.

13. No talking in class, unless talked to by instructor. 

14. Never lean on the walls.

15. Never lose your temper in the Dojang. 

16. Keep your uniform clean and in good condition.

17. Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed short. 

18. Students are not allowed to belong to another Dojang. 

19. Treat the art with respect and above all, never miss use it. 

20. Practice discipline while training. 

Let’s work together to create a successful training session!

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